User story

Dementia Clock

The Genus dementia clock

Relieving people with dementia with the Genus clock. One of the symptoms of dementia is obliviousness of day, time and place. What day is it anyway? Is it morning? What time is it? This confusion brings uncertainty to seniors with dementia.

A simple clock that tells you what day it is, can help with the stress and confusion that demnetia causues.

Alzheimer Nederland and the JAIN Foundation, that aims to increase the wellbeing of people with dementia their family members, asked us: how can we provide elderly suffering from dementia with proper reassurance throughout their day? With this in mind we implemented a super clear clock in the Genus frame. This clock allows the owner of the frame to tell the time, day and date at a glance to support daily routines, medication management or planning. Yet another example of how user feedback can lead to seemingly imple but invaluable improvements of our product.