Get to know Genus

The Genus Users

An integrated part of your caresystem

Genus is an all in one care solution that supports professional caretakers, connects family and friends and let's user feel safe and connected at home or in a care facility.

Why Genus?

Professional Caretaker

Genus is the heart of care for professional caretakers. Our Genus Portal provides direct insight in the wellbeing of your clients. Genus not only offers a simple to use dashboard to provide remote assistance and care, it also engages family and friends in the care for your client. Alerts create by the client or by the Genus system can initially be handled and reviewed by family members allowing you to focus on providing care when it it needed.

Family and Friends

Making connection and showing you care was never easier. Sharing photos or making a video call is now available for everyone. Social caretakers also get insight in the daily rhythm and living environment of the Genus user and will get alerts to provide support when needed.

The Genus User

Elderly or people with needs will feel connected and safe. Genus not only provides a personal alarm system and monitors the living environment, it is also provides beautiful pictures from family and friends. The reminder function helps to keep track of daily tasks.