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This is Genus

Genus is the heart of Care at home and connects, monitors and alerts. A simple to use device that combines 7 built in sensors with a personal alarm, a simple to use care communication system all packaged in a beautifully styled device.

This is Genus

Genus App

The Genus App is the connection between the Genus and family / friends (the social caretakers).

Community portal

Professional caretakers can remotely monitor the living environment and day rhythm of all the connected users. In case of an alert, the caretakers can react directly or have the alert passed through to an Alarm Service Centre.

Wireless Alarm Button

Connect one or many buttons to your genus. Carry with you or place them on a strategic place so you can always alert your caregivers.

GPS 4G Fall Sensor

Our 4G GPS Fall Sensor not only alerts when you press the button, it also alerts when you fall.


An expanding ecosystem


Is your Alarm Service Centre (ARC) using UMO? We’ve got you covered. Genus is a certified UMO partner and with a simple integration all your Genus clients are directly connected to pass on alerts and receive (video) calls from the call centre.


Genus is integrated with ONS! Our ONS integration allows the user to start a (video) call directly from the ONS app straight to the Genus. No need for using the Genus App or portal. This way caretakers can work more easily with the Genus system.


Is your Alarm Service Centre (ARC) using Skyresponse? Please know we are fully integrated. Genus is a certified Skyreponse partner and with a simple integration all your Genus clients are directly connected. In addition to alerts and allowing for (video) call, Genus shares individual sensor alerts giving full information to your teams.


MOMO Medical delivers one of the most advanced bed sensing and night management systems around. Together with Genus, now the (night) nurse can also make a direct call with the client. No need to switch app or start a program, all directly from the MOMO App.

Featured news

Why the right humidity is important (and how Genus can help)

Sometimes, humidity or dampness (water vapor) in the air can supply enough moisture for mold growth. Learn more about what this means and how Genus can help.

Genus is on the move

Our team continues to integrate with more devices and systems with our ultimate goal. Living more connected with a sense of safety. Simply Gen(i)us!