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Is it Important to Take Your Medication on Time?

Medicine Management

Is it Important to Take Your Medication on Time? Yes! Taking medicine on time, as prescribed, is essential to making sure your body has an effective amount of the drug at all times. If not, this can cause the disease to develop a resistance to the medicine or simply prolong the amount of time it takes to feel better. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that not taking medicine on time accounts for up to 50 percent of disease treatment failure. If you are unsure of when you should be taking a medication, ask your doctor. Genus has developed a unique tool to ensure planned medicine intake monitoring is supported by family and friends as well as professional caretakers. If a scheduled medicine reminder has not been confirmed by the Genus Frame user, the system first alerts social caretakers. They can then check in to confirm the intake through the App. If they fail to follow up, the alert automatically escalates to the professional caretakers. This way the Genus user, the social caretakers and the professionals all do their part in making sure the right medicine is taken at the right time. One more example of how we help to make our clients feel connected and safe. #medicine #assistedliving #connectedcare #elderlycare #elderlyhealth #alarmresponse #socialcare #professionalcare #theheartofcare

We use Genus to help our clients take their medicine on time. It saves us time and our clients are more self reliant